'The Sultan's Elephant' | Royal de Luxe, produced in London in 2006 by Artichoke

  • The Sultan's Elephant was the biggest piece of free theatre ever seen in London, set against the city's magnificent landmarks. French theatrical magicians Royal de Luxe had already toured their elephant across Europe, but had never before performed in the UK.
    The vast, time-travelling mechanical elephant, taller than Admiralty Arch and 42 tonnes in weight, was joined by a giant girl, twenty feet high. For four days they enthralled their audience with sprays of water, bus rides and by sewing cars to the ground. Then, when their time was up, they disappeared in a magical puff of smoke, leaving behind many wonderful memories.
    The event was produced by Artichoke, a creative company that works with artists to invade our public spaces and put on extraordinary and ambitious events that live in the memory for ever.
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    Artichoke works with artists to invade our public spaces and produce extraordinary and ambitious ephemeral events that live in the memory forever, transforming people’s lives by changing the way we see the world.

    Category : Comedy and Humor


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