Quake 1.5 (Beta) - Episode 4 - Gameplay

  • This is a longplay for the Episode 4 of Quake with Quake 1.5 (Beta).
    It's a Quake mod with several enhancements, made by bloodshot12.
    Check it out here:
    And a link for the trailer:
    My least favorite episode, I forgot where are located many of the secrets, some jumps need a lot of precision and there are a lot of Spawns which is the most annoying enemy ever.
    The next video will contain the final level with Shub-Niggurath and the secret levels that come with the mod.
    Quake 1.5 (Beta) - Episode 1: youtu.be/ywFd1S82JCU
    Quake 1.5 (Beta) - Episode 2: youtu.be/wmBogW353Vc
    Quake 1.5 (Beta) - Episode 3: youtu.be/I4EBJ8p2eoU
    Quake 1.5 (Beta) - Shub-Niggurath: youtu.be/Y9IEhe4XYqU
    Quake 1.5 (Beta) - Secret Maps: youtu.be/cmY5xEdHOQU
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    This video is a devplay and here it is the explanation of WTF is that:
    Quake is one of my all time favourite games and I decided to record some gameplay videos to get some inspiration from this mod.
    As a game developer I like to play games that give me good ideas I could implement in my own projects.
    I was thinking about making some Doom videos but just until last week, that I updated my capture device, the recordings had some weird color artifacts. And before that I didn't have enough free space until I bought a new SSD.
    Now it's fixed and videos look perfect.
    So I thought that this was a good moment to make videos with the games and mods I do "research" with.
    Just don't expect that this will be like the typical longplays, let's plays or walkthroughs. My objective is to inspect the game/mod for ideas and inspiration so it will be slower paced, with the easiest difficulty and probably will die like a n00b sometimes.
    I'll try to get as many kills and secrets as possible but it isn't mandatory. And I might use cheats sometimes.
    I'm going to call this type of gameplay videos "devplay".
    After Quake I'll record some more with Ultimate Doom.
    Because I'm making a Doom Clone right now I'm looking for similar games and I'm particularly interested in mods with eye catching architecture and layouts.
    So if you know mods like this please tell me in the comments.
    P.S.: If you don't like the slow pace try the 2x video speed.
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