Full Range Theta Wave Pure Tones (Extremely Powerful!)

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    Full Range Theta Wave Pure Tones
    32 min Monaural Beats
    With this meditation both the pulse and the tones are constantly changing covering the full range of theta wave.
    Pulse 7.83 Hz - 4 Hz • Tones 280 Hz - 180 Hz
    Theta Wave Benefits:
    Pineal Gland Stimulation
    Third Eye Opening
    Pituitary Gland Stimulation
    Increases Extrasensory Perception (ESP)
    Helps in Controlling the Subconscious
    Higher Level of Intuition
    Lucid Dream State
    Ability To Dream More Real and Controlled
    Deeper Emotional Connections
    Relaxing Zen Meditation
    Spiritual Connection
    Visual Imagery and Wakeful Dreaming
    Grounding of The Mind & Body
    Helps with Writing Music & Art
    Helps with Inventing
    Increased Inspiration

    Category : Esotericism, Parapsychology and Unexplained Phenomena


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