Chris Rea | Sail Away

  • Sail away from 2000 album "King Of The Beach"
    A sequel of sorts to his earlier On the Beach, King of the Beach continues the laid-back mood of the earlier album but is a more mature and unified work. It's one of his best albums and is a return to form after the film soundtrack La Passione and the more electronic sounds of The Road to Hell Part 2. Written primarily during a vacation in the Turks and Caicos Islands, it's replete with lots of beach and summer imagery in the titles ("King of the Beach," "All Summer Long," "Sandwriting," "Sail Away") as well as the lyrics, which were originally written as poems.
    Chris Rea - vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards,
    Hammond organ, drum programming, producer.
    Max Middleton - Rhodes piano
    Pete Wingfield - Hammond organ
    Martin Ditcham - drums, percussion
    Julie Isaac - backing vocals
    Debbie Longworth - backing vocals
    Neil Amor - engineer
    Arun Chakraverty - mastering
    Tommy Willis - coordination
    John Knowles - management
    Peacock - design, illustrations
    John Miller - cover painting
    Walk a cold thin line
    in the morning
    Hold the fear inside
    that greets you with the day
    I can't go with you now
    I can only watch you now
    As you sail away
    Sail away
    I'm going to miss you now
    So much more then I realised
    There's a heavy stone of empty
    where you once lay
    I can't go with you now
    I can only watch you now
    Watch you
    As you sail away
    Sail away
    I know you need your freedom
    Sail away
    Cause without it you can't survive
    Be on your way
    disappear into the distance
    I smile and say
    Sail away
    I can't go with you now
    I can only watch you now
    Watch you
    As you sail away...
    This video has been published with absolute respect and admiration to Chris Rea's music !

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