Halie Loren | In a Sentimental Mood [Duke Ellington]

  • Lyrics:
    "In a sentimental mood,
    I can see the stars come through my room,
    While your loving attitude,
    Is like a flame that lights the gloom,
    On the wings of every kiss,
    Drifts a melody so strange and sweet,
    In this sentimental bliss,
    You make my paradise complete,
    Rose petals seem to fall,
    It's all I could dream to call you mine,
    My heart's a lighter thing,
    Since you made this night a thing divine,
    In a sentimental mood,
    I'm within a world so heavenly,
    For I never dreamt that you'd be loving sentimental me"__
    Photographic Model©Bianca Balti by Dolce Gabbana__
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    Categoria : Música e shows


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